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First off, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for an incredible job on the Century Flooring website! You all have truly been a pleasure to work with on this project and all of your hard work is evident throughout every page detail on the site...Again, great job D-51!

Brandie Gilliam - Century Flooring

You seem to make all things happen which is why I absolutely love working with you : )!!!!!

Brandie Gilliam - Century Flooring

Great job....worthy of the Century name.

- Century Flooring

Absolutely amazing and a sincere job well done to all!!!!!

- Century Flooring

Very, very, good job!!! I'm quite proud of what you and your team done! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Century Flooring

Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful website. Your guidance and hard work have made a world of difference to me while working on this project. I hope that we are able to work on other projects in the future. Thank you.

Katie Schoppe - Sidran

Just letting you know that my new website has received tremendous praise and admiration from many people. The reaction has been very strong, and I've already been signed by a new talent agency. Thanks for everything, I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Barry Paul - Barry Paul

I owe all of the success to you guys. Thank you for your continued efforts to make our company excel past our competition in the on-line world.

Matt Arceneaux - Daltile

I wanted to let you know that Laura Ellison and I submitted the Books for Babies project to the Texas Library Association for the Highsmith Award, and we received notice today that we won! I personally want to thank you for letting us use your Books for Babies logo on the canvas tote bags. Laura and I have loved the new logo for the project that you designed, as well as the cute Baby’s First Library Card. We get tons of compliments about the bags when Mom’s and Dad’s bring their babies into the Library to check out books, and we always tell them that you created the adorable cover image for us. We are so grateful to you for all your hard work and for allowing us to use the logo on the book bags. You really did make everything a big hit for us!

Misty Harmon - Frisco Public Library

Great job to you and your team on the Columbia Flooring website! I sent out an email to our president, some of our executives, and other internal team members yesterday evening announcing the site launch and have received excellent feedback. Again, great job!

Brandie Gilliam - Columbia Flooring

Very impressive site! Good speed, awesome photos and a nice flow. Tried in 3 different browsers, (Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari) and all of them worked perfectly and very quick. Great work...

- Columbia Flooring

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